All UNSW students are required to notify the university of any change to their residency status within seven (7) days of receiving a notification from the Australian Government. Examples would include: if you are changing from having an international student visa to becoming an Australian permanent resident, or if you are changing from an Australian permanent resident to an Australian citizen. 

To advise UNSW of a change to your visa or residency status, please see the Change of Residency Status webpage. You will need to complete the Request to Change Student Residency Status form.

Your request to change residency status with UNSW cannot be processed until you provide certified documentary evidence. Specific details of this evidence are outlined on the request form. 

Evidence can be:

  • Australian or other passport
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship certificate
  • International student visa label 
  • Other visa label
  • Electronic visa confirmation (If you present this form of evidence, you will also need to provide a copy of your current passport.)

To get your documentation certified, you must either:

  • take a copy and the original to a Justice of the Peace to get their signature and registration number on the copy, OR
  • take the original document into Student Central to be certified.

Further information may be found on the Change of Residency Status page or by contacting the UNSW Student Financials Team. 

The Financials Team is here to help you with any aspect of financials. You can contact them in person at UNSW Student Central, or click here for contact details.