You can request a letter confirming your enrolment at the university for the purposes of inviting your family to visit you here in Australia. This letter confirms that you are a student at UNSW and also includes your full name, date of birth, program of study, date of commencement and expected date of completion.

If you require a letter to invite your family to attend your graduation ceremony, you will need to apply for an Award Statement (also called an Award and Enrolment Statement). The Award Statement includes your graduation ceremony date.

To obtain a letter confirming enrolment or an Award Statement (Award and Enrolment Statement), you can apply online via your myUNSW account.

To use the service, you must have current access to myUNSW. 

To request a Statement online:

  • Log into myUNSW.
  • Go to My Student Profile tab.
  • Under the 'Online Services' heading, select Statements.
  • Click New Application and then confirm your details.

You will then have the option to request an Award and Enrolment Statement or a Letter Confirming Enrolment Details. Select the most relevant option. 

Applications may take up to five (5) working days to process.

If you do not have myUNSW access, please complete this application and lodge it in person at The Nucleus: Student Hub, or via email. 

Further information can be found on UNSW website.

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