This is for Engineering students with the following criteria:

  • Have not started or completed ANY of 60 days Industrial Training (IT)
  • Are in any year or at any stage of their undergraduate degree
  • DOES NOT have Pre-approval (some schools used to call it Pre-Registration)
  • Industrial Training is a course requirement

Please enrol into the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course using the Enrolment Key: Eng5tudent! under “Self-enrolment (Student)”.

Next steps:

  1. We recommend you read the documents on section “Step 1: Getting Started” as it provides a great overview of the Industrial Training process.
  2. Complete the pre-requisite modules.
  3. After you complete the pre-requisite modules, choose your school.
  4. Then you can submit an online Approval Application Form. You will find the link in the “Step 4: Approval Application” section.

A Quick Overview

  • You are still required to complete 60 working days Industrial Training (IT).
  • Your placement can be paid, unpaid or non-traditional.
  • The supervisor on your placement must hold an engineering degree.
  • Your placement can take place anywhere in Australia or overseas.
  • You can start looking for placements before you enrol onto the Moodle, however, the Prerequisite modules on the Moodle course will give you valuable career skills for applying for placement and future jobs.

For more information about:

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Industrial Training Office on