Frequently Asked Questions about Approval Applications

Please also refer to the webpage How to get approval for your Industrial Training

When to apply for approval?
Students are required to apply for approval after you are offered the placement and before your first day of the placement.

How to apply for approval?
Please submit an online Approval Application Form. You can find the link in the “Step 4: Approval Application” Section in the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course. 

Remember: you need to complete all the pre-requisite Modules before you can access the pre-approval application.

I can’t access the approval application section
If you can’t access the approval application section, please:
•    Make sure that you have completed all of your pre-requisite modules on your gradebook
•    You have chosen your school* on “Step 3: Choose your School” section 

*Dual degree students should choose the school that most applies to the placement.

What supporting documentation is required for the approval application?
Supporting documentation/evidence are any document that describes the duties, tasks and projects you will be undertaking during your placement and proof of employment.

Examples of supporting documentation/evidence (provide as many as you can):
•    Email offer of employment (with the company logo in the email signature)
•    Letter of offer of employment (on company letterhead)
•    Employment contract
•    Employment advertisements (a screenshot will suffice)
•    Job description (from the employer)

For unpaid approval applications you are required to supply additional documentation.
•   Learning Outcomes for Unpaid Industrial Training
•   Risk Management form

I don’t know my supervisor details yet
What to do when the company hasn’t assigned a supervisor yet.

Ideally, we prefer your employer provide details of a supervisor’s name and their qualifications e.g. Bachelor degree. If your employer is not able to please provide this information, please provide evidence (for example an email from your employer) as part of the supporting documentation.

Your supervisor is required to adequately supervise you while you are undertaking significant technical engineering tasks related to the Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies.

If you can’t obtain the supervisors details, enter the details as follows:
•    Supervisor's Name: the name of the person who has offered you the role (usually Human Resources) 
•    Supervisors Email: the email address of the person who has offered you the role (usually Human Resources) 
•    Supervisor's Position/Role: enter 'Supervisor TBC at start of placement'
•    Supervisor's Phone Number: the phone number of the person who has offered you the role (usually Human Resources) 
•    Supervisors Qualifications: enter 'Supervisor TBC at start of placement'

You may want to send your employer a link to refer to Industrial Training – A guide for employers.

Start Date Error
If you get this error: “Start Date can not be in the past or after the Anticipated end date. Contact the Engineering Industrial Training Team for more information”

On the webform pre-approval application, your start date cannot be in the past i.e. before today’s date. Also, your start date cannot be after the Anticipated end date.

For more information about:
•    Industrial Training, please refer to the Industrial Training website.
•    Moodle see Moodle Support for Students.
•    Accessing Your Moodle Marks in your Gradebook.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Industrial Training team on