Frequently Asked Questions about Employer Evaluation Forms

Please also refer to the webpage What is the Assessment for Industrial Training?

Where to find the Employer Evaluation Form
1.    Log into the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course.
2.    Download the Employer Evaluation Form in the “Step 5: Employer Evaluation” section

Remember: You can’t access it until you have received approval for the Pre-Approval Application.

Goals on the Employer Evaluation Form
The goals can be whatever you want to get out of the placement. They should be written as a SMART goal as described on the Employer Evaluation Form.
They can be 
•    Technical goals i.e. improve my dashboard designing skills.
•    Personal goals i.e. learn how an Australian workplace operates. has many short courses to help you write SMART goals. Instructions for accessing

Help on Reflective Writing
Please refer to the UNSW Reflective Writing webpage for guidance on reflective writing. 

When to submit the Employer Evaluation Form
As soon as you have finished your placement. Make sure:
•    your supervisor has signed it
•    your supervisor has written feedback
•    you, the student, have written comments
•    you, the student, have signed it

Where to submit the Employer Evaluation Form
1.    Log into the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course.
2.    Click on the “Step 5: Employer Evaluation” section
3.    Submit the completed Employer Evaluation Form with supporting documentation

Supporting Documentation
Supporting documentation/evidence is any document that provides proof you completed the placement.

Examples of supporting documentation/evidence (provide as many as you can):
•    Payslips
•    Letter of completion
•    Employment contract

Supporting documents must be in English and be certified translated
The university policy is that if your official documents are not in English, you must supply a complete and certified English translation of the original language document.

Please see this website on where and who can provide certified translation 

What goes on a letter of completion?
The letter of reference can be either 
•    a PDF letter on company letterhead
•    or an email with a company email signature i.e. Company logo with company details i.e. website, address, phone number.
•    Contain the following details:

  • Name of student
  • Student job title
  •  If it was an unpaid placement
  • Date student started placement
  • Date student finished placement
  • If the job was full time
  • Number of days worked i.e. 60 days

I can’t get proof that I worked at the company
If you can't get the signature from your supervisor, you can also get signatures from:
•    another supervisor or manager who worked with you
•    someone in Human Resources

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Industrial Training Office on