Frequently Asked Questions about Final Industrial Training (IT) Report
Please also refer to the webpage What is the Assessment for Industrial Training? and Opportunities, Support and FAQ’s

When to submit your Final IT Report
As soon as you can after you finished 60 days of Industrial Training and after your Employer Evaluation form has been approved.

It can take 2-3 months for ENGG 4999 to be added to your transcript therefore your Industrial Training can delay your graduation or receiving your completion letter.

We advise you to request a progression check to ensure you are on the right track for your degree.

Our advice is to write your Final IT Report while you are on your placement.

I can’t access the Final IT Report Submission
Have you have submitted your Employer Evaluation Form?
•    No – submit your Employer Evaluation Form
•    Yes – Next question

Has your Employer Evaluation Form been approved?
•    No – It can take 5 working days to approve.
•    Yes – Next question

Still can’t access the submission tool? Contact

Deadline to submit your Final IT Report
1.    Log into the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course
2.    Click on the “Step 7: Submit your Final IT Report” section

Help with writing your Final IT Report
Click on the “Step 6: Report Writing Resources” section for guidance on writing your report.

What does it mean that I have to comply with the EA Stage 1 competency and reflect it in my Final IT Report?
You must illustrate how you demonstrated the EA Stage 1 competencies during your work experience in your report.

Your placement should expose you to engineering tasks, skills and activities that demonstrate the EA Stage 1 competencies. 

For example, you secure a placement at a car company. If your work is related to sales and customer service, it’s most likely not acceptable. If your work is involved with sustainable, engineering car design, it’s most likely satisfying specific conditions in the EA Stage 1 Competencies.

Help on Reflective Writing
Please refer to the UNSW Reflective Writing webpage for guidance on reflective writing. 

Submitting your Final IT Report
Submit your Final IT Report in the “Step 7: Submit your Final IT Report” section with supporting documentation

Submit the report in 1 PDF document in this order:

  1. Employer Evaluation Form (one for each placement)
  2. Your IT Report
  3. Supporting documentation (even if you have already submitted them with your Pre-Approval Form and Employer Evaluation Form)

Examples of supporting documentation (provide as many as you can)

  • Letter of offer for employment
  • Employment contract
  • Employment advertisements (a screenshot will suffice)
  • Position description
  • Payslip – first and final
  • Reference from employer

What happens after you submit your Final IT Report

  1. Your Industrial Training Coordinator will mark your report as soon as they can although it can take 2 months.
  2. You will receive a notification email from Moodle advising your mark (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) with feedback
    1. Unsatisfactory mark – you will be given the opportunity to resubmit
    2. Satisfactory mark – ENGG 4999 will be posted to your transcript (this can take 2-4 weeks)
  3. You will receive an email when ENGG 4999 is posted to your transcript. (There is no mark associated with Industrial Training and does not affect your WAM)
  4. You can check if ENGG 4999 Industrial Training has been posted to your academic record at any time on myUNSW.
  5. As soon as ENGG 4999 is posted to your transcript, you can apply for a completion letter via submitting the online request (My Student Profile tab > My Student Services channel > Online Services > Statements).

Resubmitting a Final IT Report
Please resubmit your Final IT Report, to the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course.

Remember to delete the old report, so the correct assessment is marked.
1.    Log into the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course
2.    Click on "Step 7: Submit your Final IT Report"
3.    Click on "Report Submission " for your school
4.    Click on "Edit Submission"
5.    Click on the file you want to delete
6.    Click on "delete"
7.    Click on "update"

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