Finished all coursework but haven’t done Industrial Training (Late Completion of Industrial Training)

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Students undertaking an Engineering (Hons) degree must achieve a satisfactory grade for Industrial Training (IT) in order to graduate. Under normal circumstances, students are required to complete Industrial Training during their normal program of study. In exceptional circumstances, students may be granted special permission to complete their mandatory Industrial Training requirement after their final term of coursework. Late completion of of Industrial Training is not automatically approved, and each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A maximum extension of two years after a student's final term of coursework may be granted if an application is approved.

If you require special permission to complete Industrial Training after your final term of coursework, please contact The standard processing time for Late Completion requests is 10 working days.    

Steps to completing Industrial Training

To achieve a satisfactory mark for Industrial Training, students must:
1.    Complete 60 days of approved Industrial Training. Standard Industrial Training rules and processes still apply to students undertaking late Industrial Training, including the requirement to gain pre-approval for Industrial Training placements.  
2.    Submit a Final IT Report and achieve a satisfactory mark (marking can take up to 4 weeks)
3.    Have a satisfactory grade for ENGG4999 (or ENGG 4998) on their transcript. (finalising grades can take up to 4 weeks)


Note: In order to be recommended for graduation, students must have completed all of their coursework requirements, in addition to completing their Industrial Training. Students who have not received confirmation that they have completed their coursework requirements are advised to request a progression check

IMPORTANT! When a student completes their Industrial Training requirement after they have finished their coursework requirement, the Industrial Training Office will recommend the student for graduation. They cannot confirm graduation status or provide a Completion Letter. If students have further questions about graduation or Completion Letters, they must contact The Nucleus. It can take 2-3 months from Final IT Report submission until a degree is awarded (and a Completion letter can be provided). This process cannot be expedited.     

Late Completion of IT and Graduate Roles

If students are offered a graduate role without completing Industrial Training, they may be able to use the first 60 days to complete their Industrial Training requirement, if: 

  • the company agrees; 
  • a Late Completion of IT Request is approved; and
  • pre-approval has been granted for the work 

Please note that post-approval is no longer permitted - students must apply for pre-approval. 

Late Completion of IT and International Students

Late Completion of Industrial Training cannot be used as grounds for a CoE extension. International Students who are granted special permission to complete Industrial Training after their final term of coursework must return to their home country to complete their Industrial Training. If students in this situation have the right to work in Australia on an alternative visa, this evidence must be provided with their Pre-approval application. 

The Industrial Training Office cannot provide Visa advice. If you have further questions about your CoE or Visa, please contact The International Student Expereince Unit (ISEU) or Immigration for guidance.

Further Questions? Please contact the Industrial Training Office.  


Phone: + 61 (2) 9385 7661