UNSW is currently limited in our number of undergraduate degrees available to study online. Our only undergraduate degree that is solely offered online is the Bachelor of International Public Health. All other undergraduate degrees are delivered primarily in a face-to-face mode, with classes you must attend to pass. Classes are generally run during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) so it is generally not possible to work full time and study at an undergraduate level concurrently.

UNSW offers several Postgraduate Coursework degrees online. You can find information about our Postgraduate degrees on the Find a Degree tool. Online Postgraduate options include:

Arts and Social Sciences

●      Education in Gifted Education specialisation (Master / Graduate Certificate)


●      Master of Business Administration (MBAX) 

●      Financial Planning (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●      Taxation (Master / Graduate Certificate)


●        Graduate Certificate In Petroleum Engineering

●        Engineering Science in Petroleum Engineering by Open Learning (Master / Graduate Diploma)


●        Aviation Management (Master / Graduate Diploma)

●        Graduate Diploma in Psychology

●        Graduate Certificate in Physics for Teachers


●        Forensic Mental Health (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        Health Management (Master (Ext) / Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        Infectious Disease Intelligence (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        International Public Health (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate / Bachelor)

●        Public Health (Master (Ext) / Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        Reproductive Medicine (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        Pharmaceutical Medicine (Master / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate)

●        Women's Health Medicine (Master / Graduate Certificate)

UNSW Canberra at ADFA

●        Master of Arts

●        Master of Business

●        Master of Capability Management

●        Master of Cyber Security Operations

●        Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy

●        Master of Engineering Science

●        Master of Information Technology

●        Master of Logistics Management

●        Master of Project Management

●        Master of Space Engineering 

●        Master of Space Operations

●        Master of Strategic People Management

●        Master of Sustainable Management

●        Master of Systems Engineering