Most items can be automatically renewed for 4 weeks at a time, up to 16 weeks. You can also renew them through myLibrary at any time before their due date.

Items may not renew or due dates may change for some reasons:

  • Items can be recalled at any time and due dates will change if items are requested by someone else.
  • Borrowing periods are automatically shortened to three days if requested items are in high demand.
  • Loans can shorten if your account will expire soon.
  • Loans may not automatically renew if you have fines or blocks on your account.

You will receive an email notification when due dates have changed. You should also regularly check myLibrary or Uni-Verse.

To avoid fines and blocks, return items in person or by post before they are due. If you incur fines:

  • You will be blocked from borrowing and renewing items if you have over $19 in library fines.
  • You will be blocked from graduating if you have over $100 in library fines.

Contact the Library if you have any questions about borrowing, fines and your Library account, including if you believe you have lost or returned a library book.