Your project XXXX is complete. The data has been uploaded to BaseSpace and ownership has been transferred to the nominated account XXXXXX

To download the data:
1. Log in to the Australian BaseSpace server:
2. Accept the Transfer of Ownership request. Upon acceptance will be able to see the data files in the project tab and share the data with others.

The run metrics are available via the following unique link: XXXXXXXXX

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Acknowledging the Centre

Genomic services provided by the Ramaciotti Centre are subsidised by Australian grant funding. Acknowledgment is a measure of the impact that our Centre has and ensures continuation of this funding. Work performed by the Centre and its staff should be acknowledged in publications, presentations, posters and reports. Details on how you can acknowledge the Centre can be found on our website.

Data retention policy
As per our standard service terms, the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics will retain project metadata i.e. protocol information, kit lot numbers etc. for 2 years after the project completion date. Final data (the deliverables and raw data) will be stored for 3 months after handover to the client. Please ensure that you download and securely backup your data.

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