UNSW's Medicine degree (Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine) is a six-year combined undergraduate/postgraduate program. The next available intake is February 2024.  
Admission to our Medicine program is based on Academic results (such as accepted secondary school qualifications and/or recognised tertiary studies), results from either the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) or UCAT ANZ and an interview. Applicants who choose to sit both admissions tests will be assessed on the higher of the two. Interviews are offered on a rolling basis once applications have been assessed and are held via Zoom, telephone or in-person.  
If you have completed at least one year of university study in the year prior to your desired commencement, you'll be assessed on both your secondary school results and university study results. To be eligible for consideration, you must have met a minimum of a 96 ATAR (or equivalent) in your secondary school studies and your tertiary studies must reach a WAM of 70 (or equivalent). Once an applicant has met the minimum requirement, the “best of” algorithm will apply and the qualification with a higher selection rank would be used as a final selection rank for admission.
If you haven't completed at least one year of full-time equivalent university study by the end of the year preceding your potential start, you will be assessed on your final secondary school qualification only. 

Please note that due to the requirements of the Medical Board of Australia, no credit can be awarded for courses already completed with the exception of up to 2 General Education courses.

To be considered for an offer, you are required to submit two applications to UNSW. The first is an application through our Apply Online portal, and the other is an application directly to the Faculty of Medicine via our Medicine Application Portal. Further information regarding our application process can be found here. Applications for the 2024 intake is open. You are welcome to submit your application without having all your documents; you can upload these at a later date.