As a domestic student, you have flexibility over your studies and can choose to be a part-time or full-time student, or swap back and forth as you wish. As a full-time student, you would take 8 courses each year of study and thus would finish this program in 3 years. If you choose to be a part-time student, the minimum load is 1 course per Term, and if you did this, you would finish in approximately 6 and a bit years. If you choose to utilise the Summer Term, and do more than 1 course per Term you can finish your studies a bit faster. Usually a part-time student would complete 3 - 5 courses over 1 year. 


I do note that you would be best to contact The Nucleus: Student Hub to ensure your progression is planned out fully. Please also note that the maximum time limit to complete this program is 8 years.